2016 Winter Match Play

Can you hack it…

Sign ups for the very popular Winter Match Play Championship at Langdon Farms are now open.  The entry fee is $50 and the field will be comprised of the first 64 players to enter.  It will be a net competition where each player will receive 80% of their handicap.  Men will play the white tees and women will play from the gold tees.  “USGA Preferred Lies” through the green will be played until the competition is complete.  Matches will begin on January 4th with each round having two weeks to complete.  Entries will close immediately when the field is full.

There will be a Consolation bracket for all players losing in the first round.  It will be winner take all!

  • Payouts

    • Quarter finalist: $200
    • Semi finalist: $300
    • Runner up: $500
    • Champion: $750

    *based on full field

Count down until the matches begin…

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