Coffee bars are becoming a wedding trend

The Great Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor, rustic, and barn weddings are not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you are drawn by the charm of barn weddings, or captivated by the emerald golf greens and vibrant flowers.  Langdon Farms offers premiere wedding venues unlike any other in Portland. Langdon Farms is located just 15 miles south of downtown Portland.

Cocktails as Escort Cards

Calligraphy and beautifully designed place cards are elegant and chic. Adding a cocktail will get the good vibes going from the moment your guests arrive to your reception.  Sending a message that they should prepare for an amazing experience and an epic party. It’s such a smart idea, since everyone will make a beeline for the drinks following the ceremony, anyway.  You can also opt for non-alcoholic drinks. A great idea to compliment a barn style wedding is to serve glasses or mason jars of chilled lemonade for guests to enjoy once the ceremony has concluded.

The Second Dress

The second dress is making waves. Come reception time, slip into a fun little number that allows you to dance the night away. Maybe your having a hard time deciding between strapless or sleeves, why not both! More and more brides are buying two wedding dresses for the big day. This allows the bride to change up their look from ceremony to reception. Taking the time to refresh and change into your second dress gives you a second opportunity to WOW your guests when you reemerge at your reception.  It’s your moment, might as well make it count. The White House located at Langdon Farms, offers a generous and comfortable space for last-minute touches to hair and make-up and makes a great place to refresh and slip into dress number two.

Gourmet Coffee Stands

Every couple hopes to find that special something that will make their wedding day one that they (and their guests) will remember.  What better way to warm up you and your guests on a brisk Fall evening then a gourmet coffee stand. Many couples, when considering different options to personalize their wedding reception, include a coffee bar.  This option can be less expensive and can provide a gourmet and unique addition.  A coffee bar is a caffeinated twist on a simple buffet. Instead of a range of different dishes, guest are offered a range of different coffees to enjoy. Popular items to include as part of a wedding coffee bar are, espresso, roasts, cappuccino, different coffee flavors, unique coffee toppings or mix-ins.  Add some coffee-compatible desserts such as the famous Voodoo Dougnuts located in downtown Portland to provide your guests with a little local flare.  

For more information on hosting your big day at Langdon Farms, click HERE.

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