Pitching Golf Clinic with Bruce Furman

April 19th & 20th at 5pm

My first golf clinics of the 2017 golf instruction season will start on April 19th & 20th at 5:00. Remember, these golf clinics are limited to 5 students per class, so sign up early. You can sign up by calling the Langdon Farms Golf Shop at 503 678-4653.

Golf Clinic Topic – Pitching

The topic for these golf clinics will be Pitching. Mastering the art of pitching a golf ball is very important shot several reasons. First, no matter what your handicap, you will miss greens and you will need to be able to get the ball up and down to save strokes. Second, the pitching swing is a small version of the full swing. If you can pitch the ball well, you are actually helping your full swing.

The Goal of Partial Golf Swings

Part of mastering the art of Pitching, is being able to make partial swings to achieve different distances. During my golf clinics we will work on learning your unique distance for a Quarter Swing, Half Swing, and Three Quarter Swing are very good starting points. To give you a visual, during these golf clinics we will assume that your golf club head is sitting at 6 on the face of a clock at address. At 8 o’clock, you are at a Quarter Swing, at 9 you are at a Half Swing, and at 10 you are at a Three Quarter Swing. Once you can consistently land a ball in an area from all three of these clock positions, we’ll get a distance measurement for you to refer to during you play on the course.

Half Golf Swing Technique (mid-range shot)

As a teaser for the upcoming golf clinics on April 19th and 20th, here are a few swing technique keys we will be focusing on.
• Weight favors the target side leg (60%)
• Make a small turn going back with the arms going about waist high. Wrists do have some wrist cock. S
• Swing the club down with the rotation of the body towards the target in unison.
• Your head will come forward and up with the body turn to the target.
• The handle of your club should be slightly ahead of the club head at impact. (Flat left wrist and angled right wrist at impact)
• The club points down toward the target at the finish.
• Do not try to lift or scoop the ball and do not keep your head down after impact.