My Joys Custom Golf Shoes by Foot Joy

Design your own custom golf shoes at Langdon Farms

There is nothing cooler than showing up to the first tee wearing a unique pair of custom golf shoes.  Now, you can design your own one-of-a-kind Foot Joy custom golf shoes that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Furthermore, My Joys by Foot Joy are custom golf shoes that can be ordered at Langdon Farms and delivered right to your door.  All with a just a few simple clicks.

Designing your custom golf shoes starts with picking your style. For men, there are 11 styles to customize.  And for women, you can pick from 4 styles.  Furthermore, all styles come with the quality, fit, and amazing warranty you’ve come to expect with a Foot Joy shoes that also live-up to your high-style demands.

Pick your My Joys size

Next, pick your size and width.  It’s just that simple.  Men can choose from My Joy custom golf shoe sizes between 4.0 US and 17 US and widths ranging from extra narrow to extra, extra wide.  Women, you can pick from sizes between 5.0 US and 12.0 US with widths from narrow to wide. So, if you are unsure of your My Joy custom golf shoe size, stop by the Langdon Farms Golf Shop and we’ll help make sure you make the right choice.

Pick your My Joys color

Each style has it’s own customization options.  For example, with the FJ Icon Traditional My Joy custom golf shoe you can customize your base, saddle, and lace color.  And, on the Contour Casual series, you can pick five custom options. Choose the base, saddle, accent, accent 2, and lace color to ensure your My Joy custom golf shoes are exactly what you want.

Personalize your My Joys golf shoe

The final step before placing your order is to personalize your My Joy custom golf shoes.  By leaving them blank, adding a logo, or your own monogram you’ll surely stand out from the crowd.  There’s a long list of logo’s and flags to choose from.  You’ll positively be noticed when wearing your Foot Joy My Joy custom golf shoes.

How do I order My Joys golf shoes

Simple, click the ‘ORDER NOW’ button below and complete the order process.  We’ll be notified of your selection and we’ll contact you for payment.  Finally, once payment is received we will release your order for production.  You’ll get an email once it has been shipped notifying the order has been complete and it’s on the way.