By Bruce Furman

Clinic at 5pm for up to 5 participants – Wednesday, April 26th & Thursday, April 27th

Hitting a good iron shot

There are a number of things a golfer needs to do to hit a good iron shot.  The number one fundamental is too hit the sweet spot in the middle of the club face. This transfers the most energy into the golf ball. Good players control their club face through impact. The club face accounts for about 80% of the direction the ball starts on. Good players also deloft the club face at impact as much as 10 degrees or more. This requires a flat lead wrist and an angled back wrist.

Low Punch Shot

A good exercise for hitting solid iron shots is to hit what is called a “Low Punch Shot”.  To hit the “Punch Shot” a player sets up with the ball in the middle of the stance. The player makes a three quarter backswing and then swings down to the ball with the lower body leading. The player finishes forward and tall on the front foot with the back knee coming to meet the front knee. The club points toward the target about waist high with no re-cocking the club with the wrists. The club face is approximately toe up. The goal is to hit the ball as low as possible.  Practice hitting low “Punch Shots” and your iron game will improve!

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