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Women’s Golf Day, June 5th

Women’s Golf Day, in just its second year, is already a large success.  June 5th, 2018 marks the international event, aimed at introducing the game to women.  This day is designed to engage females of all ages and skill levels to participate in golf and help us grow the game.  We want to empower women golfers (new and experienced) by creating meaningful connections and teaching skills that will last a lifetime.   This day was designed to show support to women around the world wanting to learn more about golf and get more involved.

Historically, Golf was known as, “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”.  Well today this saying is not true. That’s not to say golf hasn’t been a sport dominated by males, both historically and in modern times, but all that is changing fast.  48% of women say they want to learn the game of golf! A game deeply rooted in history and tradition, it seems golf is finally starting to see the light. More women are playing golf leisurely and women are being accepted at the professional level.  Golf clubs are changing their ways offering shorter rounds and family friendly clubhouses.

Women should love golf! The sport requires finesse instead of brute strength; it’s social; it’s played in some of the most beautiful settings on earth; its coed; the fashion is great; and cocktails and conversation await the end of every game.  So why aren’t more women playing?

To honor National Women’s Golf Day, grab a female friend and reserve a tee time.  To view available tee times at Langdon Farms click HERE.

Interested in golf instruction and want to improve your game? Click HERE.


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