Fairway Metals & Hybrids, How to Hit’em

By Bruce Furman, Director of Instruction

Many clients come to me complaining of not being able to hit their Fairway Metals, especially the 3 Metal from off the fairway.Golf Instruction - Fairway Metal strike First of all, the 3 metal from a tight fairway lie is one of the hardest shots to hit for an average player.

Why are Fairway Metals so hard to hit?

There are two reasons on why the ball gets into the air at the proper height. First is the dynamic loft at impact. Second is the amount of backspin the ball has coming off the club face. Three Metals are made with somewhere around 12 to 17 degrees of loft with 15 degrees of loft about average. This is not a lot of loft for the average player with average club head speed so it is hard to get the ball up in the air. Backspin is a result of club head speed and center contact. If you don’t have a lot of speed you will not have a lot of backspin, hence you won’t get a lot of height on your shot.

Common Flaws with Hitting Fairway Metals

So what many players do is stay on their back foot at impact and try to help the ball up. When a player does this they hit the ground or low point – behind the ball, consequently catching the ball on the up swing and topping it. A Three Metal should have an approximate angle of attack of about 3 degrees down so you have to brush the turf in the right spot – which is at or slightly in front of the ball.

Fairway Metal Swing Thoughtruce Furman PGA Director of Instruction

One swing thought to accomplish this is to feel the back knee and club get to the ball at the same time in your downswing. Then let your back knee touch your front knee at your finish. Try it.  I’m sure you will start to seeing your fairway metal sail high in the air.

Want In Person Advice for Hitting Fairway Metals

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