From July through September the days are warm (average high of 78 degrees) with blissfully low humidity.  Rain is rare this time of year and the evenings are long. The sun doesn’t set until around 9pm. There’s no better time of the day to play golf than in the evening.  Shadows are long and the colors are vibrant.

For some golfers, the positives of a morning tee time are obvious, lower temperatures and humidity, less crowds, and improved course conditions.  But not everyone is an early riser. In fact, according to The New York Times, Dr. Charles Czeisler, professor of sleep medicine, Harvard University, believes a golfers game can be impacted when playing early in the morning, as they will be less flexible, your coordination may be a little off and your judgement will not be as good.  

Late afternoon and early evening tee times can be ideal because physical performance is optimized to its fullest potential.  The New York Times has reported that past studies have shown athletes strength, flexibility and mental capacity peak between 5pm and 8pm.  In addition muscles and joints are up to 20 percent more flexible in the evening, thereby minimizing the risk of injury. But if you have no option other than early morning golf, you can still make the most out of your tee times.

The Endless Sunsets Card at Langdon Farms makes it easy to get in a round before the sun goes down.  You’ll enjoy the peacefulness of the evening while working on your game, unlimited.  

Includes all these great benefits:

  • Unlimited play (walking) with no green feees valid any day of the week. After 5pm.
  • Optional twilight cart fee, including guests when accompanied.
  • Up to 3 guests per day are entitled to the Farm Card green fee when accompanied.
  • Tee time access 14 days in advance.


For more information on The Endless Sunsets Card click HERE.  

Looking to book a tee time at Langdon Farms, click HERE to view available tee times.

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