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When Should I Start Planning My Holiday Event

The sound of the word “Christmas” or “Holidays” may make you slightly anxious as it is still the middle of summer.  For most of us we just finished wrapping up our 4th of July activities or are returning home from our annual summer vacation.  Who has time to think about the holidays.

With the holiday season coming soon, for those in charge of planning holiday parties, making time during the summer is important.  A number of venues are already booking for holiday parties and the closer you get to the holiday months of October, November and December most venues are taken.  The holiday season officially starts as early as the beginning of November and can extend through January, depending upon the type of party you’re thinking of having.

Planning a party should be stress-free, easy to plan and fun!  Here are a couple steps that will help you through the process.

Chose the best time to hold your holiday party.  

If you are on a tight budget, consider hosting a party in the off-season.  Instead of defaulting to the annual Christmas party, who not consider hosting an event that’s specifically for employee appreciation, when no other holiday is coming up on the company calendar.  Early October and late January are great times to hold an annual appreciation party as you can find an increased availability of off-site venue options, save money on expenses, and get better deals on party packages during the holiday off-season.

Choose a Team that can help execute the event.  

Langdon Farms offers a variety of beautiful holiday party venues in the midst of the Portland-metro area.  Their farmhouse-inspired architecture, ranch style fences and welcoming staff make Langdon Farms the perfect place to host your next celebration.  Your guests will enjoy views of the scenic golf course backdrop and friendly vibes as you celebrate the holiday season.

For more information on hosting an event at Langdon Farms click HERE.

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