Golf Clubs – New Titleist 917 Drivers and Fairway Metals


As the new Titleist 917 drivers and fairway metal golf clubs arrived on the worldwide tours last summer, the reaction from players was overwhelming. The 917 models gave players greater distance from their metal golf clubs.  Also, showing extra forgiveness, optimized trajectory control with SureFit and a sound and solid feel the players just loved.

Since their introduction professional players have already won 19 tournaments on the worldwide tours with the 917 Metals line of golf clubs. In total, 917 driver and fairway golf clubs have made it more than 150 players golf bags.

We wanted to hear first-hand about the performance golfers can expect from these golf clubs, so Team Titleist reached out to the players who have had a chance to put these golf clubs to the test.

Here’s what a few players had to say…

Jimmy Walker golf clubs

Jimmy Walker’s response to the new golf clubs

Titleist Brand Ambassador Jimmy Walker began testing early 917 golf clubs in January of last year. He put his new Titleist 917D2 (8.5°) in play at the World Golf Championships event at Firestone. Less than a month later, Walker won the PGA Championship at Baltusrol for his first major title.

Quoting Jimmy: “I put the 917D2 straight into play. It was definitely faster, had a better sound and feel, and I really loved the shape. Performance-wise, I found a lower sweet spot and was able to lower my spin rate. Also, my ball flight was not super high. I can fly the ball on a rope anywhere from 295-310 and then it just rolls out far and straight.”

golf clubs used by Justin Thomas

How did Justin Thomas react to his new golf clubs?

One week after Titleist Brand Ambassador Justin Thomas put his new 917 golf clubs in play, he stepped to the 16th tee at Firestone Country Club and unleashed a 414-yard drive down the fairway of the 667-yard par-5. It was the longest drive recorded on the PGA Tour during the 2015-2016 season.

Quoting Justin: “It was the hardest I’ve probably ever hit a drive. As soon as I hit it I knew. What I’ve noticed most about the 917 drivers is the forgiveness on mishits. The feeling is better, the speeds were up and the ball doesn’t go as far off line. For me, everything about it was better, so it was an easy switch.”

Adam Scott golf clubs

Golf clubs tried by Adam Scott last February

Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott got his first look at 917 driver prototypes last February, when he tested the new golf clubs at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California. In the past, Adam has trusted smaller Titleist driver heads, as they were more aesthetically pleasing to his eye. He told us, however, that the enhanced look and feel of the 917D2 made it easy for him to switch into these golf clubs.

Quoting Adam: “I’m now using a D2, which I’ve never really used much in the past. For a big-headed driver, it looks so well-balanced and very much like the old kind of pear-shaped driver heads I’ve favored. You’ve got to like the way they look. I’ve certainly gained yardage since switching to 917 golf clubs.”

Webb Simpson golf clubs

Golf clubs helped lead to a Runner-Up finish for Webb Simpson

Titleist Brand Ambassador Webb Simpson finished runner-up at this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, his best performance since a T2 finish at the 2015 Wells Fargo Championship. Simpson’s golf clubs are a 917D3 (10.5°) driver as well as a 917F2 (15°) fairway metal.

Quoting Webb: “The biggest thing for me on this 917F2 3-wood is that mishits go a lot better than I expected. You know we always want to hit it in the center but even pros, we mishit it. And a lot of our fairways are really tight and it’s hard to get that perfect contact. My bottom-groove or heel shots were flying up in the air and still carrying.”

If you’re interested to see how 917 golf clubs perform for your game, visit our golf shop where you can experience the complete performance offered by new 917 metals.

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